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COVID-19 and the Legacy of Racism: Vaccine Hesitancy and Treatment Bias

The COVID-19 pandemic’s devastating impact on Black, Latino and other communities of color has resulted in disproportionately high rates of cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Racism, both historical and current, complicates efforts to reduce these disparities by contributing to vaccine hesitancy, treatment bias, barriers to testing, and ongoing economic and social inequities.

Part of the series, "Stopping the Other Pandemic: Systemic Racism and Health," this webinar explored challenges and solutions.

Speakers discussed:

  • Addressing vaccine hesitancy in Black and other communities with significant health disparities

  • How race-based treatment bias impacts care and health outcomes for Black and other patients from communities of color and how to bring about positive change

  • A health plan’s efforts to ensure access to culturally competent care, support and educate its members about COVID-19 testing, and improve access to primary care

View the first two webinars in this series to learn more about the impact of systemic racism and inequities on Black and Latino health.

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