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Where to get vaccinated

Minnesota has a COVID-19 Community Vaccination Program with several large-scale community vaccination sites. Minnesotans 12 years of age and older can register for an appointment or walk in at one of these sites. Insurance and identification are not needed, and signing up is free. Find more information on vaccination for people under 18 years old below.

Minnesotans can also Find Vaccine Locations and sign up for a COVID-19 vaccine appointment at a clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies near them. There is also a COVID-19 Community Mobile Vaccination Bus Project going into communities experiencing barriers to vaccination.

If you are looking for a specific vaccine product, you can sort by product at or at Minnesota: Find a Vaccination Clinic. We recommend you still check with the clinic location to make sure they have the specific vaccine available that you are looking for.

Minnesotans can use the online vaccine locator map to near them and contact those health care providers with questions.

People may also be contacted by their employers to get vaccinated.

If you tested positive for COVID-19, you may have some protection against the virus for at least three months after recovering. After those first three months, your chance of getting COVID-19 again increases, especially with new variants circulating. New variants may be too different from your initial infection and your natural immunity may not be able to protect you as well. You should get vaccinated even if you have had COVID-19.

You can get vaccinated after you have completed your isolation period. This means it has been 10 days since you felt sick (or 10 days since you got tested if you do not have symptoms), and you feel better and have not have a fever for at least 24 hours. You do not have to get tested before getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

If you were treated for COVID-19 with monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma, you should wait 90 days before getting a COVID-19 vaccine. Talk to your doctor if you are unsure what treatments you received or if you have more questions about getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

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